Our Story

StoriiTime is a free project created by the team at Storii. During the COVID-19 outbreak the Storii team saw an opportunity to use the resources we have built to connect generations from around the world. StoriiTime connects seniors to children and their families to read them stories over Zoom calls.

Storii exists because of one man's kidney failure.

Storii's founder, Cameron Graham, was participating in a charity run when he experienced kidney failure. This landed him in a hospital ward next to Peter. Peter was an elderly man with dementia. He didn’t say much, but Cameron noticed that when his granddaughter would visit and show him family photo albums, Peter would light up and become conversational. When she left, he grew quiet and retreated into himself. 

Sitting in his hospital bed passing time on an iPad, Cameron felt there must be a tool to help Peter reconnect with both his past and his present. After researching existing products and finding them ineffective, he decided to create something new. And with that, the mission of Storii was established – To improve the lives of those in care.

Since 2016, Storii has evolved from a life story and reminiscence platform based in the UK to become a full care and activities management system (StoriiCare) for adult day care centers, assisted living providers and care homes in both the UK, USA and beyond.  

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