StoriiTime FAQ's

How old do my children have to be?
They must be 13 or younger.
Is there a cost to StoriiTime?
StoriiTime is a free service, created and run by the team who built Storii and StoriiCare.
Where is StoriiTime available?
We are currently matching readers and families across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Do you work with multiple languages?
At current we are only making english speaking matches but we may expand this in the future.
What if I don't have a story book?
If you don't have a suitable children's book on hand and are unable to purchase or borrow one, you can visit our books page where there is a list of online stories to choose from.

What technology do I need to take part?
Any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device that has a good connection to the internet and Zoom software (free) installed. A webcam and microphone is also essential to this call.
How are you addressing security?
All readers must have an introductory call with the StoriiTime team before getting the go-ahead to read to a child.
Zoom creates a unique URL for each StoriiTime session. That URL is only available to those who have been invited by the StoriiTime team to attend that specific session (the reader and the child/family).
The only information that your match will see is your first name, age, region and whatever email address you have provided.
Will I be matched to a child/senoir in my area?
Not necessarily, but where possible, we do try to match readers in the same time zone to make scheduling StoriiTime sessions easier.

What if my child/senior doesn't show up for StoriiTime?
Sometimes this happens, and that's ok! We will attempt to reschedule and if that doesn't work, we will match you with someone else.

I loved my StoriiTime session. How do I do it again?
After the first StoriiTime session, it is completely up to the senior and the child's family to decide whether they'd like to continue these calls and how often. Now that both parties have access to Zoom, we recommend using this platform to schedule your next StoriiTime session. However, you can use whatever video call platform works best for you.
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